Client Stories


Skyfire engaged Kickstart Marketing for a major rebranding project when the company expanded on its B2B focus with mobile operators.  Susan lead an effort to redefine the company’s brand and messaging, then hired and managed a design firm to update the corporate website and supporting collateral materials.  In addition to copywriting the website, Susan also storyboarded and directed a corporate video for the company.

"Susan has a natural gift at stepping into a start-up, thriving amidst the normal chaos, and making things happen with speed and grace....rebranding, product launches, PR efforts, website re-launches, company videos, collateral development, and more.  Susan was able to help Skyfire with both B2C and B2B branding successes.  On top of it all, she's not only sharp, but a pleasure to work with."                                                            
-- Jeff Glueck, CEO, Skyfire

VSC Consulting


VSC Consulting - an award-winning technology PR agency in San Francisco - has engaged Susan for numerous client projects over several years.  Most recently, VSC has brought Susan in to lead Messaging Workshops for clients seeking to clarify their brand voice, identity and messages.  Susan takes executives through a half-day workshop, asking the right questions to understand the essence of a brand, and providing a roadmap for future communications.   

"Susan is your next marketing rockstar.  She will take the silly puddy of your raw start-up and mold it into a crisp and interesting brand.  I've witnessed her ability to work marketing miracles time and time again." 

-- Vijay Chattha, Chief Talker, VSC Consulting


Placecast was experiencing a “happy problem” with its brand – in that the brand did not reflect the great traction the company had gained in recent years.  Susan was brought on to work with the management team to simplify and clarify the core messages for three primary new audiences.  She then re-wrote the website to reflect the new messages, and worked with an internal design team to implement a new branding strategy that significantly raised Placecast’s profile.

"Susan is a delight to work with – she’s a quick study, even-keeled and produces excellent work in tight time frames. She is particularly strong at building relationships quickly with senior executives, distilling down and refining the key strategy and marketing messages, producing innovative ideas then driving them through implementation."  

-- Alistair Goodman, CEO, Placecast